This is a perfect icebreaker to get all your hens squawking with this simple and extremely fun hen party game!

Take a trip down memory lane and share memories of the bride-to-be, whether they be personal moments or just simply embarrassing ones!

The idea of this game is to involve all of the hens who may know the bride from different stages of her life but do not know each other.
To play the game, ask all of the hens to write down on a sheet of paper when or how they first met the bride! They could also add a unique moment shared by both of them, one which most other hens may not know about.

During the hen party, place all of the memories from each hen into a hat or bag and get the bride to reluctantly pull each memory one by one.

Now for the fun part…

The bride will now read out each memory and try to match it to the correct hen!

A number of different forfeits or dares can be introduced to punish the bride for any incorrect matches! Making her tell a secret is a dreaded one.

Memory lane is an essential hen party game to play in order to get your hens all mingling together to ensure that the bride has an unforgettable hen night.
Please advise that all hens can make their memories as funny, sentimental or just plain embarrassing as possible!


Toilet paper game

The name ‘Toilet Paper Couture’ does not sound so appealing but the fun definitely does. This hen party game is assured to bring out the creative side amongst all you girls!

The idea behind this hen do game is very simple, all you need is lots of toilet paper and an imagination!
Depending on how many hens are present and counted, one or two hens can volunteer or be nominated by the other girls to be the glamorous model. Otherwise, all hens should be divided into groups of 4 or 5. The aim of this exciting game is to create the dream wedding dress out of toilet paper!
Play in teams or simply as a group to create the wedding dress that others will die for!

Roughly between 10 to 15 minutes should be ample tinker time for all your masterpieces.

Once the imagination has run wild amongst your hens, it’s now time for the girls to strut their stuff down the imaginary catwalk in front of the most critical judge, the bride-to-be!

A fun addition to the hen party game might be to get each team or hen to talk the bride through their design and where they got the inspiration from. Expect a few too many laughs at this stage!

Top Tip: If it hasn’t already dawned on you hens, you don’t have to just use toilet paper. Why not get your hands on anything white – feathers, old bed sheets, fur or paper. You can also introduce different colors for your hens to toy with to make it one of the most unforgettable hen party games.


I've never

Start off by ensuring all the hens have their glasses topped up, we’ll leave the content and measures up to you! Then its time to get all the ladies into a circle so that they can see one another’s up and coming reactions.

Every hen in the party must now take their turn to admit something they’ve never done. If anyone in the group has done it, they get to take a drink! The more shocking the confessions, the more hilarious and potentially drunken the results! Topics can range from the innocent to down right filthy – think of topics discussed at an Ann Summers Party and you get the idea!

So ladies it’s now only a matter of deciding who goes first? We’ll start you off by saying “I’ve never kissed in public”. Every hen in the group that has kissed in public must now take a drink or shot! It’s then on to the next hen to see what they come out with. The more rounds the potentially drunker each hen will get! The hen that has drank the most by the end is the “I’ve Never” winner!
This is certainly one of the most basic hen party games around but one that is sure to have you and your hens roaring their heads off! Have fun…


heads-up-charades (1)

All you need to play this hen party game is a pad of paper and a pen.

Split your hen party up into two equal groups.

Every single hen in group one must think up a charade each (an act). Once each hen has decided on their charade they must write it down on two separate pieces of paper.

Put one of the pieces of paper into one pile and then put the other piece in the other pile. Please ensure to keep each pile separate.

Now mix up each of the piles, keeping both piles separate, and then distribute one pile amongst one group of hens and the other pile with the other group of hens so that everyone in each group has a group of paper.

When the bride to be shouts ‘GO’ every single hen in each group must simultaneously act out their charade at the same time.
The main rule is that every hen must remain completely silent when acting out their charade and also silent when watching everyone else act their charade.

The aim of the game is that every hen whilst acting our their charade must watch the other hens in the other group and try to identify who exactly is acting out the same charade.

Once you have spotted the hen in the other group doing the same charade as you , you must make a silent gesture and then sit down as a pair at once.

The last pair to sit down are then out of the hen party game.

With all pairs sitting down they must then share their charades which are written on their piece of paper. Any pair that are incorrect are out of the game.

The remaining pairs of hens then split into two new teams to start a new round, this time with different charades than before.

The last pair of hens remaining in the final round will then be crowned the winning hens of ‘Spot Your Charade’!


Banned words game

This hen party game is one of the easiest hen night games around and offers a great chance for the hen party to try and catch each other out! The famous saying “think before you speak” really is the best way to win your way through this hen party game.

The hen party game “Banned Words” like the name suggests is all about banning words! Simply pick a selection of words that no one in the hen do group is allowed to say throughout either the hen night or even the entire hen weekend. Any girl that utters any of the banned words is fined on the spot with either an exciting hen party dare or a nasty penalty shot!

Commonly used words are always a winner as girls across the hen night are guaranteed to get caught out. Those hen parties that have devilment in them will off course be doing their very best to try and get their fellow ladies caught-out by trying to get them to mistakenly say one of the words.

Banned Words is the perfect hen party game to entertain your ladies – what are you waiting for?