A well thought out hen party theme is the difference in a good hen weekend, one which will be simply unforgettable! So whatever your taste, what ever your budget and what ever the weather, ladies… it’s time to get creative!
A hen party theme is always the fun part of any hen weekend! Deciding on what hen night theme to choose is always a difficult decision, but thankfully we have a wide selection of hen party themes for you to choose from! Don’t miss the opportunity to dress up as whatever you want for your last weekend of freedom! You decide which is the perfect hen weekend theme idea and hire all items required from our online shop.



Now can it get any easier for your hen party to get the Sexy Schoolgirl hen party theme? Although the basis of the Sexy Schoolgirl hen party theme is uniform, no matter how many of your hens dress up as school girls, we can guarantee that no two will be exactly the same. There is so much variation in this fantastic hen theme that girls can wear anything from micro skirts, to black hot pants, knee high socks, stockings, shirts, jumpers, plaits, pig tails and even cheeky make up. The Sexy Schoolgirl Hen Party Theme will provide your hens with a creative license to dress themselves as creatively as they can and will undoubtedly result in a magic hen party weekend to remember!


Not all your hens have to be squeaky clean; some can dress up as naughty goth fairies and show off their dark side! But firstly, for the good fairy look, either order a pretty fairy dress or have fun making them yourselves! Complete the look with fairy wings, a tiara, pretty jewelry and perhaps some glittery heels. For a mischievous hen party look, start off with a black fitted mini dress, black lace wings, dark fish net thigh high tights and heels. Finish off the Goth look with dark smoky eyes, pale make-up and bright red lipstick.
What better way to feel like a fairy princess than to spend an afternoon of self indulgent spa activity. It will feel like magic how well your hen party girls feel after a few hours of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Just a sprinkling of fairy dust and your hen-do chicks are ready to spread their wings and cast a love spell on all the available men when they head out to celebrate later that night!



With the Horny Devil hen party theme, it means that your entire hen party have a license to act like naughty, mischievous and horny devils all through your hen weekend!

The outfit for the Horny Devil hen party idea is quite exciting and fun. Obviously the colors that your hens wear will be important and it is most effective if all of your hen party stick to the same color scheme, being exclusively red and black. We suggest that all of your girls dress in black mini skirts with black stockings and a pair of either red or black stiletto heels. Then to finish off the horny devil hen party look, have each of your hens wear a red cape.

The ultimate hen party accessory here though which is an absolute must is the horny devil hen party horns. If your hens can also get a devils fork then that would be superb and really finish off the horny devil hen party theme look!

One thing for sure is that the Horny Devil hen party theme will provide incredible hen party photographs and amazing memories, not to mention unrivaled attention from men!
The Horny Devil hen party idea is extremely sexy and naughty, so why not pick the perfect hen party activity to match? We think that a hen party pole dancing class with a qualified pole dancing instructor in a studio is a fantastic idea for a hen party activity. Your hens will have a hilarious time and learn some incredible tricks that their boyfriends will sure be happy about!


The Masquerade hen party theme is one of the ultimate luxury hen party ideas. Given that the Masquerade idea developed in Renaissance France and Italy as a theme for incredibly exquisite balls, then you can only imagine the extent of the luxury involved in a Masquerade hen party.

Once each hen has her long dress, her only other need is the hen party Masquerade mask. There is no point for your hen to spend a fortune on an exquisite mask when she can make one perfectly well herself. It is the DIY hen party mask which makes this Masquerade hen party a unique idea, and will ensure every single hen is different!

Once all of your hens are dressed in Masquerade hen party theme then you will realize what an incredible hen party idea it is!
Given that the Masquerade hen party theme is one of the ultimate luxury hen party ideas, you will require an equally luxury hen party activity. We would suggest that your masquerade hen party go to a luxury hotel and enjoy a delightful hen party dinner together with plenty of champagne.


The best thing about the Angels and Devils Hen party theme idea is that your hens will have an incredible amount of fun getting everything together for it. The funniest part will be the hen choosing which hens are to be hen party angels and which hens are to be hen party devils.

Obviously the color scheme here is the first thing that springs to mind. For your hen party devils your hens should simply ensure that whatever clothing they wear is red and black. As long as all hen party devils ensure they stick to the color code of red and black, the impact of no matter what style of clothes they wear will be great and instantly recognizable. What is a vital part of the devil hen party idea are the accessories, all of your hen party devils will most definitely need a pair of devil horns; refer to our shop for these. We would also advise other hen party accessories such as a whip or handcuffs, really whatever your hens think is appropriate and naughty for a hen party devil.

Depending on how cheeky your hens want to be, you can make hen party devil theme quite raunchy and could take a lot of inspiration from the Dominatrix hen party theme as it mixes quite well with the devil hen party theme. For your hen devils we’re thinking red leathers, stockings, corsets and of course an obligatory whip.

With the hen party angels, the obvious color which springs to mind is white. As with the hen party devils theme, having all of your hens in the same color is incredibly effective. If you can ensure that all of your hen party angels dress all in white, with white and gold thrown in wherever they fancy, then your hen party angels will look fabulous and most importantly look the opposite of the hen party devils. Once again accessories are key here with either hen party angels wings or even a hen party halo.
The special thing about the angels and devils hen party theme is that you are not restricted to any certain type of hen party activity. We would highly recommend a night on the town though, as this angels and devils hen party idea will be super effective. Why not go for an entertaining dinner at a nice restaurant, followed up a cocktail session in a classy bar to get the night started.



The magical thing about the Burlesque hen party theme is that is can be easily achieved with quite a number of items that your hens will already have lying around at home. Plus the bonus with that is that almost every one of your hens will be completely unique!

Starting from the bottom up for the Burlesque hen party theme, we think that it is a necessity for your hens to wear a classic pair of heels, the color does not matter, though the more chic the better. Lacy stockings are another absolute must for your hens. Your cheeky hens can decide to go all out with suspenders, although it really is entirely up to your hen party, if you can find vintage silk stockings these would be perfect.
Please ensure your hens remember that the Burlesque hen party theme is all about celebrating the figure of a woman no matter what shape or size. Ideally, for Burlesque, it would be amazing for your hens to wear a corset of their choice to emphasize this figure. For those hens who don’t wish to be too revealing, they can wear a silky night dress which can be equally effective and contemporary.

Finish and perfect the Burlesque hen party theme with some delightful hen party accessories. Extra long lacy gloves to your elbow would be amazing, maybe even a frilly umbrella to carry around.

We recommend vintage hair styles for this unique hen party idea, please remember though to be as creative as you can, and for full effect have every single hen with a different style. Have fun being incredible and enjoy the ultimate glamourous hen party!
Activities for your Burlesque hen party theme can be as risqué as your ladies wish. Given the wonderful attire in which your burlesque hen party shall be dressed your hens will obviously not be crazy enough to participate in outdoor activities. Seeing as your hens are celebrating the beauty of women, then why not get involved in some hen party dancing sessions indoors which would be the perfect way to spend the day and produce superb hen party photographs.
We would also highly recommend hen party cocktail classes in a classy venue where your hens can drink their cocktails in all of their glory in sumptuous surroundings.

Given the preparation involved for the Burlesque hen party theme, you may have all of your hens spend the afternoon in a beauty parlor sipping wine, having spa treatments and their vintage hen party hair styles done!