In the first part of this article, we considered some fun themes for a bachelorette party such as the sexy school girl, angels and demons, and masquerade theme. We also suggested suitable activities for each theme to ensure you don’t only look fancy but also actually have fun.

In this post, we are offering you another selection of themes to guide you through planning your next shower, ensuring you dress up and dress right, and have super fun with your hens. Enjoy!



Cheerleading is all about having fun and so is your hen party, so obviously cheerleading and hen parties go hand in hand. Everyone recognizes a cheerleader when they see one and your hen party sure will stand out from the crowd when all of your gorgeous hens are dressed up in the same cheerleading costumes. One thing for sure is that your hens will look hot hot hot!

We have all seen cheerleaders in American movies and TV shows, well now is the chance for your hen party to dress up just like the movies. The trickiest part to the Cheerleader hen party theme is getting the cheerleader dress. We would strongly suggest that when you do locate the perfect cheerleader dress that you get the same dress for every hen, in their appropriate size of course, as having every single hen in the same hen cheerleading dress will most definitely make this the perfect hen party idea!
Everything else outside of the cheerleading dress should be very simple. Knee high socks for every single one of your cheerleading hens is an option, and everyone will have to get the same color as well. It is up to your hens whether they want to wear black heels, or keep it strict to the cheerleading theme with every hen wearing white plump soles, which can all be easily hired from our shop. Don’t forget the pom poms!

What will finish off your cheerleading theme hen party perfectly will be the cheerleading hair styles that your hens decide on, whether it be pig tails, pony tails, plaited hair or braids. One thing for sure is that your cheerleading hens will have great fun styling each others hair!
Activities for your Cheerleader hen party theme couldn’t be easier to pick. If your hens are the sporty type then why not arrange a day at a sports centre to play hockey, netball or even five aside football. If that sounds too much like hard work, then a hen party dance class would be the ideal choice with your hens trying out incredible dance moves and dressed up to match! This will be a great great bonding opportunity for your girls, as they teach each other dance moves.



It could not be easier for your hens to get the Cops hen party look. Every single last one of your hens will know exactly what a police woman will look like. Although in fairness, real life police women wear boring trousers, boring jumpers and big boring shoes; as such, the hen party cop will mix things up quite a bit. Your hens will have free reign to spice up their cops costume in what ever way they want.

So ditch the thought of the baggy trousers and jumper, and switch them for the naughty police woman hen party look – a pull on a tight mini skirt and a tight white gapping blouse which leaves nothing to the imagination. Some of your hens may wish to even spice it up a bit with a pair of thigh high stockings.

Once again hen party accessories are vital to this hen party idea, as you will most definitely need a police woman hat, a police woman badge, and the ultimate police woman hen party accessory, hand cuffs and a police baton!


The Cops hen party idea may get your hens in the mood for a good old fashioned police car chase. So the best thing here would be to get all of your hen party together and put them through their paces in a grand go karting race (Location: Lagos)! The fastest police hen will be recognized with her very own trophy and also have bragging rights for the rest of your hen weekend.

What your Cops hen party will most certainly have to do is hit the town on your hen night and boogie the night away, whilst at the same time keeping the town under control with your hen party hand cuffs and keeping the men at bay with your hen party police woman batons!



The Naughty Nurse hen party theme is a hen party idea which will ensure that your hen party will receive constant male attention from start to finish. The Naughty Nurse is every mans fantasy, and what better occasion to have men drooling at you and your hens than on your hen party, that last weekend of freedom.

To achieve the Naughty Nurse hen party look, it should not be difficult whatsoever for your hens and should cost them very little expense as well. What is vital is to have a nurses dress. As we all know too well, these are not standard issue nurse uniform. If your hen party did decide to wear standard issue nurse scrubs, then it would be one extremely boring naughty nurse hen party! Your hens will need to get hold of a white or blue nurses costume which will effectively be a mini gown or skirt with a blouse attached that the buttons can open on.

White stockings or white tights should be worn by your hens, as well as a pair of black, white or even red stiletto heels. Your hen party should feel free to accessorize as they wish with stethoscopes, plasters, bandages and even a special hen party first aid kit filled with small medicine bottles (filled with alcohol)!


As the very nature of the naughty nurse hen party theme is that it is raunchy and incredibly sexy, it somewhat limits to a certain extent what your hen party will want to do as a hen party activity, given that fine dining restaurants may be out of the question.

The naughty nurse hen party idea is one for your hen party to head out on the town and enjoy a night’s partying.



Now the Old Women hen party theme is a very new hen party idea which many will never have seen before. It may sound completely unsexy and unappealing, but we can vouch that this is one of the most effective and hilariously funny hen party ideas you could think of.

For the unsuspecting party goer, the sight of over a dozen old women in a night club dancing and drinking cocktails will be a sight to behold. Even for everyone in the hen party, they will have endless fun laughing and giggling at each others clothing, make up, hair, glasses and even choice of shoes.

The difficulty level of the Old Women hen party theme is not difficult at all, and the expense of the Old Women hen party theme is also incredibly low. All that your hen party will have to do is get their hands on some clothing that an old age pensioner would wear, such as old flowery blouses, baggy wooly cardigans, long skirts, old fashion shoes which can all be accessorized with big old glasses, a grey wig and even some old women fancy dress make up!

The beauty of the old women hen party theme is that each and every single one of your hens will look completely unique and every hen’s outfits will make for the continuous topic of conversation and hen party laughter all day! The hen party photographs sure will be items to treasure forever.


If your hens wish to fully embrace the old women hen party theme, they could spend the afternoon partaking in activities that old women take so much delight in. Why not take your hen party for a day’s cookery class where they can learn from an expert chef how to bake a cake or cook a traditional meal, as this is most certainly an old women activity and something that will be a whole lot of hen party fun too!


Air hostess uniforms are known for their figure hugging styles so let your hen hostesses begin by putting on a short fitted skirt with a sexy white shirt tucked into it. Add a snug fitting jacket with the same color and material as the skirt and button up ladies!

Complete the look with some sexy high heels, a faux airline badge stuck onto the jacket, a neck tie, a classy air hostess hat and a seductive smile! Your hens must follow the air hostess rules of wearing pretty makeup, hair tied up in a ponytail or bun and beautifully manicured nails. The hen party banter will reach new heights when you see each other dressed up and it’s a sure bet for an entertaining hen do celebration when you all head out to party and catch some flattering glances!



From the cute playboy bunny to the original classy and sexy playboy bunny, hens can choose from a range of looks for their night or weekend! The cute look is definitely one for the girly hens to try out. Hens should wear a baby pink strapless dress, floaty or body-con (whichever makes them feel more comfortable). Team this with some white satin sexy gloves, a black bow-tie, some pink bunny ears and some high pink, white or silver stilettos to show off them pins! Or perhaps wear some white fishnet tights with your hair let down.

The daring hens may want to try the original playboy look!! Start off with a strapless body suit in whatever color coincides with your hen party theme, be it red, pink, white or black etc. Team this with a bow-tie to match, some bunny ears, a furry tail and some extremely high stiletto shoes or sandals to add to that sexy look!! Hens should wear some cuffs and some sexy fishnets to finish off the playboy look, with some bright red or pink lipstick and blusher to match, to ensure they’re the best looking hen bunnies in town!!

If it’s the cheaper option you’re after, then why not dress up in all black…whether it’s your favorite LBD or a pair of skinny jeans paired with a printed playboy t-shirt, you’ll be sure to look seductive! Pair this with some pink or white playboy bunny ears, perhaps a pink feather boa, a white furry tail and top it off with some bright pink lipstick…you really will look like the ultimate hen bunnies for the night!

Get one of your hens to dress up like Mr Hefner – red robe and face mask. This should surely give an impression.


What better way to spend your hen weekend dressed up as seductive playboy bunnies than dancing around in your outfits! Get into the playboy swing of things and take some pole dancing sessions. Show the other hens your moves and learn some new ones so you can show them off later on when the party really gets started!
Let’s go hens, dress up as a playboy bunny for the night or the weekend, and enjoy some fantastic girly fun!!