In the first part of this article, we considered some fun themes for a bachelorette party such as the sexy school girl, angels and demons, and masquerade theme. We also suggested suitable activities for each theme to ensure you don’t only look fancy but also actually have fun.

In this post, we are offering you another selection of themes to guide you through planning your next shower, ensuring you dress up and dress right, and have super fun with your hens. Enjoy!



Cheerleading is all about having fun and so is your hen party, so obviously cheerleading and hen parties go hand in hand. Everyone recognizes a cheerleader when they see one and your hen party sure will stand out from the crowd when all of your gorgeous hens are dressed up in the same cheerleading costumes. One thing for sure is that your hens will look hot hot hot!

We have all seen cheerleaders in American movies and TV shows, well now is the chance for your hen party to dress up just like the movies. The trickiest part to the Cheerleader hen party theme is getting the cheerleader dress. We would strongly suggest that when you do locate the perfect cheerleader dress that you get the same dress for every hen, in their appropriate size of course, as having every single hen in the same hen cheerleading dress will most definitely make this the perfect hen party idea!
Everything else outside of the cheerleading dress should be very simple. Knee high socks for every single one of your cheerleading hens is an option, and everyone will have to get the same color as well. It is up to your hens whether they want to wear black heels, or keep it strict to the cheerleading theme with every hen wearing white plump soles, which can all be easily hired from our shop. Don’t forget the pom poms!

What will finish off your cheerleading theme hen party perfectly will be the cheerleading hair styles that your hens decide on, whether it be pig tails, pony tails, plaited hair or braids. One thing for sure is that your cheerleading hens will have great fun styling each others hair!
Activities for your Cheerleader hen party theme couldn’t be easier to pick. If your hens are the sporty type then why not arrange a day at a sports centre to play hockey, netball or even five aside football. If that sounds too much like hard work, then a hen party dance class would be the ideal choice with your hens trying out incredible dance moves and dressed up to match! This will be a great great bonding opportunity for your girls, as they teach each other dance moves.



It could not be easier for your hens to get the Cops hen party look. Every single last one of your hens will know exactly what a police woman will look like. Although in fairness, real life police women wear boring trousers, boring jumpers and big boring shoes; as such, the hen party cop will mix things up quite a bit. Your hens will have free reign to spice up their cops costume in what ever way they want.

So ditch the thought of the baggy trousers and jumper, and switch them for the naughty police woman hen party look – a pull on a tight mini skirt and a tight white gapping blouse which leaves nothing to the imagination. Some of your hens may wish to even spice it up a bit with a pair of thigh high stockings.

Once again hen party accessories are vital to this hen party idea, as you will most definitely need a police woman hat, a police woman badge, and the ultimate police woman hen party accessory, hand cuffs and a police baton!


The Cops hen party idea may get your hens in the mood for a good old fashioned police car chase. So the best thing here would be to get all of your hen party together and put them through their paces in a grand go karting race (Location: Lagos)! The fastest police hen will be recognized with her very own trophy and also have bragging rights for the rest of your hen weekend.

What your Cops hen party will most certainly have to do is hit the town on your hen night and boogie the night away, whilst at the same time keeping the town under control with your hen party hand cuffs and keeping the men at bay with your hen party police woman batons!



The Naughty Nurse hen party theme is a hen party idea which will ensure that your hen party will receive constant male attention from start to finish. The Naughty Nurse is every mans fantasy, and what better occasion to have men drooling at you and your hens than on your hen party, that last weekend of freedom.

To achieve the Naughty Nurse hen party look, it should not be difficult whatsoever for your hens and should cost them very little expense as well. What is vital is to have a nurses dress. As we all know too well, these are not standard issue nurse uniform. If your hen party did decide to wear standard issue nurse scrubs, then it would be one extremely boring naughty nurse hen party! Your hens will need to get hold of a white or blue nurses costume which will effectively be a mini gown or skirt with a blouse attached that the buttons can open on.

White stockings or white tights should be worn by your hens, as well as a pair of black, white or even red stiletto heels. Your hen party should feel free to accessorize as they wish with stethoscopes, plasters, bandages and even a special hen party first aid kit filled with small medicine bottles (filled with alcohol)!


As the very nature of the naughty nurse hen party theme is that it is raunchy and incredibly sexy, it somewhat limits to a certain extent what your hen party will want to do as a hen party activity, given that fine dining restaurants may be out of the question.

The naughty nurse hen party idea is one for your hen party to head out on the town and enjoy a night’s partying.



Now the Old Women hen party theme is a very new hen party idea which many will never have seen before. It may sound completely unsexy and unappealing, but we can vouch that this is one of the most effective and hilariously funny hen party ideas you could think of.

For the unsuspecting party goer, the sight of over a dozen old women in a night club dancing and drinking cocktails will be a sight to behold. Even for everyone in the hen party, they will have endless fun laughing and giggling at each others clothing, make up, hair, glasses and even choice of shoes.

The difficulty level of the Old Women hen party theme is not difficult at all, and the expense of the Old Women hen party theme is also incredibly low. All that your hen party will have to do is get their hands on some clothing that an old age pensioner would wear, such as old flowery blouses, baggy wooly cardigans, long skirts, old fashion shoes which can all be accessorized with big old glasses, a grey wig and even some old women fancy dress make up!

The beauty of the old women hen party theme is that each and every single one of your hens will look completely unique and every hen’s outfits will make for the continuous topic of conversation and hen party laughter all day! The hen party photographs sure will be items to treasure forever.


If your hens wish to fully embrace the old women hen party theme, they could spend the afternoon partaking in activities that old women take so much delight in. Why not take your hen party for a day’s cookery class where they can learn from an expert chef how to bake a cake or cook a traditional meal, as this is most certainly an old women activity and something that will be a whole lot of hen party fun too!


Air hostess uniforms are known for their figure hugging styles so let your hen hostesses begin by putting on a short fitted skirt with a sexy white shirt tucked into it. Add a snug fitting jacket with the same color and material as the skirt and button up ladies!

Complete the look with some sexy high heels, a faux airline badge stuck onto the jacket, a neck tie, a classy air hostess hat and a seductive smile! Your hens must follow the air hostess rules of wearing pretty makeup, hair tied up in a ponytail or bun and beautifully manicured nails. The hen party banter will reach new heights when you see each other dressed up and it’s a sure bet for an entertaining hen do celebration when you all head out to party and catch some flattering glances!



From the cute playboy bunny to the original classy and sexy playboy bunny, hens can choose from a range of looks for their night or weekend! The cute look is definitely one for the girly hens to try out. Hens should wear a baby pink strapless dress, floaty or body-con (whichever makes them feel more comfortable). Team this with some white satin sexy gloves, a black bow-tie, some pink bunny ears and some high pink, white or silver stilettos to show off them pins! Or perhaps wear some white fishnet tights with your hair let down.

The daring hens may want to try the original playboy look!! Start off with a strapless body suit in whatever color coincides with your hen party theme, be it red, pink, white or black etc. Team this with a bow-tie to match, some bunny ears, a furry tail and some extremely high stiletto shoes or sandals to add to that sexy look!! Hens should wear some cuffs and some sexy fishnets to finish off the playboy look, with some bright red or pink lipstick and blusher to match, to ensure they’re the best looking hen bunnies in town!!

If it’s the cheaper option you’re after, then why not dress up in all black…whether it’s your favorite LBD or a pair of skinny jeans paired with a printed playboy t-shirt, you’ll be sure to look seductive! Pair this with some pink or white playboy bunny ears, perhaps a pink feather boa, a white furry tail and top it off with some bright pink lipstick…you really will look like the ultimate hen bunnies for the night!

Get one of your hens to dress up like Mr Hefner – red robe and face mask. This should surely give an impression.


What better way to spend your hen weekend dressed up as seductive playboy bunnies than dancing around in your outfits! Get into the playboy swing of things and take some pole dancing sessions. Show the other hens your moves and learn some new ones so you can show them off later on when the party really gets started!
Let’s go hens, dress up as a playboy bunny for the night or the weekend, and enjoy some fantastic girly fun!!


A well thought out hen party theme is the difference in a good hen weekend, one which will be simply unforgettable! So whatever your taste, what ever your budget and what ever the weather, ladies… it’s time to get creative!
A hen party theme is always the fun part of any hen weekend! Deciding on what hen night theme to choose is always a difficult decision, but thankfully we have a wide selection of hen party themes for you to choose from! Don’t miss the opportunity to dress up as whatever you want for your last weekend of freedom! You decide which is the perfect hen weekend theme idea and hire all items required from our online shop.



Now can it get any easier for your hen party to get the Sexy Schoolgirl hen party theme? Although the basis of the Sexy Schoolgirl hen party theme is uniform, no matter how many of your hens dress up as school girls, we can guarantee that no two will be exactly the same. There is so much variation in this fantastic hen theme that girls can wear anything from micro skirts, to black hot pants, knee high socks, stockings, shirts, jumpers, plaits, pig tails and even cheeky make up. The Sexy Schoolgirl Hen Party Theme will provide your hens with a creative license to dress themselves as creatively as they can and will undoubtedly result in a magic hen party weekend to remember!


Not all your hens have to be squeaky clean; some can dress up as naughty goth fairies and show off their dark side! But firstly, for the good fairy look, either order a pretty fairy dress or have fun making them yourselves! Complete the look with fairy wings, a tiara, pretty jewelry and perhaps some glittery heels. For a mischievous hen party look, start off with a black fitted mini dress, black lace wings, dark fish net thigh high tights and heels. Finish off the Goth look with dark smoky eyes, pale make-up and bright red lipstick.
What better way to feel like a fairy princess than to spend an afternoon of self indulgent spa activity. It will feel like magic how well your hen party girls feel after a few hours of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Just a sprinkling of fairy dust and your hen-do chicks are ready to spread their wings and cast a love spell on all the available men when they head out to celebrate later that night!



With the Horny Devil hen party theme, it means that your entire hen party have a license to act like naughty, mischievous and horny devils all through your hen weekend!

The outfit for the Horny Devil hen party idea is quite exciting and fun. Obviously the colors that your hens wear will be important and it is most effective if all of your hen party stick to the same color scheme, being exclusively red and black. We suggest that all of your girls dress in black mini skirts with black stockings and a pair of either red or black stiletto heels. Then to finish off the horny devil hen party look, have each of your hens wear a red cape.

The ultimate hen party accessory here though which is an absolute must is the horny devil hen party horns. If your hens can also get a devils fork then that would be superb and really finish off the horny devil hen party theme look!

One thing for sure is that the Horny Devil hen party theme will provide incredible hen party photographs and amazing memories, not to mention unrivaled attention from men!
The Horny Devil hen party idea is extremely sexy and naughty, so why not pick the perfect hen party activity to match? We think that a hen party pole dancing class with a qualified pole dancing instructor in a studio is a fantastic idea for a hen party activity. Your hens will have a hilarious time and learn some incredible tricks that their boyfriends will sure be happy about!


The Masquerade hen party theme is one of the ultimate luxury hen party ideas. Given that the Masquerade idea developed in Renaissance France and Italy as a theme for incredibly exquisite balls, then you can only imagine the extent of the luxury involved in a Masquerade hen party.

Once each hen has her long dress, her only other need is the hen party Masquerade mask. There is no point for your hen to spend a fortune on an exquisite mask when she can make one perfectly well herself. It is the DIY hen party mask which makes this Masquerade hen party a unique idea, and will ensure every single hen is different!

Once all of your hens are dressed in Masquerade hen party theme then you will realize what an incredible hen party idea it is!
Given that the Masquerade hen party theme is one of the ultimate luxury hen party ideas, you will require an equally luxury hen party activity. We would suggest that your masquerade hen party go to a luxury hotel and enjoy a delightful hen party dinner together with plenty of champagne.


The best thing about the Angels and Devils Hen party theme idea is that your hens will have an incredible amount of fun getting everything together for it. The funniest part will be the hen choosing which hens are to be hen party angels and which hens are to be hen party devils.

Obviously the color scheme here is the first thing that springs to mind. For your hen party devils your hens should simply ensure that whatever clothing they wear is red and black. As long as all hen party devils ensure they stick to the color code of red and black, the impact of no matter what style of clothes they wear will be great and instantly recognizable. What is a vital part of the devil hen party idea are the accessories, all of your hen party devils will most definitely need a pair of devil horns; refer to our shop for these. We would also advise other hen party accessories such as a whip or handcuffs, really whatever your hens think is appropriate and naughty for a hen party devil.

Depending on how cheeky your hens want to be, you can make hen party devil theme quite raunchy and could take a lot of inspiration from the Dominatrix hen party theme as it mixes quite well with the devil hen party theme. For your hen devils we’re thinking red leathers, stockings, corsets and of course an obligatory whip.

With the hen party angels, the obvious color which springs to mind is white. As with the hen party devils theme, having all of your hens in the same color is incredibly effective. If you can ensure that all of your hen party angels dress all in white, with white and gold thrown in wherever they fancy, then your hen party angels will look fabulous and most importantly look the opposite of the hen party devils. Once again accessories are key here with either hen party angels wings or even a hen party halo.
The special thing about the angels and devils hen party theme is that you are not restricted to any certain type of hen party activity. We would highly recommend a night on the town though, as this angels and devils hen party idea will be super effective. Why not go for an entertaining dinner at a nice restaurant, followed up a cocktail session in a classy bar to get the night started.



The magical thing about the Burlesque hen party theme is that is can be easily achieved with quite a number of items that your hens will already have lying around at home. Plus the bonus with that is that almost every one of your hens will be completely unique!

Starting from the bottom up for the Burlesque hen party theme, we think that it is a necessity for your hens to wear a classic pair of heels, the color does not matter, though the more chic the better. Lacy stockings are another absolute must for your hens. Your cheeky hens can decide to go all out with suspenders, although it really is entirely up to your hen party, if you can find vintage silk stockings these would be perfect.
Please ensure your hens remember that the Burlesque hen party theme is all about celebrating the figure of a woman no matter what shape or size. Ideally, for Burlesque, it would be amazing for your hens to wear a corset of their choice to emphasize this figure. For those hens who don’t wish to be too revealing, they can wear a silky night dress which can be equally effective and contemporary.

Finish and perfect the Burlesque hen party theme with some delightful hen party accessories. Extra long lacy gloves to your elbow would be amazing, maybe even a frilly umbrella to carry around.

We recommend vintage hair styles for this unique hen party idea, please remember though to be as creative as you can, and for full effect have every single hen with a different style. Have fun being incredible and enjoy the ultimate glamourous hen party!
Activities for your Burlesque hen party theme can be as risqué as your ladies wish. Given the wonderful attire in which your burlesque hen party shall be dressed your hens will obviously not be crazy enough to participate in outdoor activities. Seeing as your hens are celebrating the beauty of women, then why not get involved in some hen party dancing sessions indoors which would be the perfect way to spend the day and produce superb hen party photographs.
We would also highly recommend hen party cocktail classes in a classy venue where your hens can drink their cocktails in all of their glory in sumptuous surroundings.

Given the preparation involved for the Burlesque hen party theme, you may have all of your hens spend the afternoon in a beauty parlor sipping wine, having spa treatments and their vintage hen party hair styles done!




This is a perfect icebreaker to get all your hens squawking with this simple and extremely fun hen party game!

Take a trip down memory lane and share memories of the bride-to-be, whether they be personal moments or just simply embarrassing ones!

The idea of this game is to involve all of the hens who may know the bride from different stages of her life but do not know each other.
To play the game, ask all of the hens to write down on a sheet of paper when or how they first met the bride! They could also add a unique moment shared by both of them, one which most other hens may not know about.

During the hen party, place all of the memories from each hen into a hat or bag and get the bride to reluctantly pull each memory one by one.

Now for the fun part…

The bride will now read out each memory and try to match it to the correct hen!

A number of different forfeits or dares can be introduced to punish the bride for any incorrect matches! Making her tell a secret is a dreaded one.

Memory lane is an essential hen party game to play in order to get your hens all mingling together to ensure that the bride has an unforgettable hen night.
Please advise that all hens can make their memories as funny, sentimental or just plain embarrassing as possible!


Toilet paper game

The name ‘Toilet Paper Couture’ does not sound so appealing but the fun definitely does. This hen party game is assured to bring out the creative side amongst all you girls!

The idea behind this hen do game is very simple, all you need is lots of toilet paper and an imagination!
Depending on how many hens are present and counted, one or two hens can volunteer or be nominated by the other girls to be the glamorous model. Otherwise, all hens should be divided into groups of 4 or 5. The aim of this exciting game is to create the dream wedding dress out of toilet paper!
Play in teams or simply as a group to create the wedding dress that others will die for!

Roughly between 10 to 15 minutes should be ample tinker time for all your masterpieces.

Once the imagination has run wild amongst your hens, it’s now time for the girls to strut their stuff down the imaginary catwalk in front of the most critical judge, the bride-to-be!

A fun addition to the hen party game might be to get each team or hen to talk the bride through their design and where they got the inspiration from. Expect a few too many laughs at this stage!

Top Tip: If it hasn’t already dawned on you hens, you don’t have to just use toilet paper. Why not get your hands on anything white – feathers, old bed sheets, fur or paper. You can also introduce different colors for your hens to toy with to make it one of the most unforgettable hen party games.


I've never

Start off by ensuring all the hens have their glasses topped up, we’ll leave the content and measures up to you! Then its time to get all the ladies into a circle so that they can see one another’s up and coming reactions.

Every hen in the party must now take their turn to admit something they’ve never done. If anyone in the group has done it, they get to take a drink! The more shocking the confessions, the more hilarious and potentially drunken the results! Topics can range from the innocent to down right filthy – think of topics discussed at an Ann Summers Party and you get the idea!

So ladies it’s now only a matter of deciding who goes first? We’ll start you off by saying “I’ve never kissed in public”. Every hen in the group that has kissed in public must now take a drink or shot! It’s then on to the next hen to see what they come out with. The more rounds the potentially drunker each hen will get! The hen that has drank the most by the end is the “I’ve Never” winner!
This is certainly one of the most basic hen party games around but one that is sure to have you and your hens roaring their heads off! Have fun…


heads-up-charades (1)

All you need to play this hen party game is a pad of paper and a pen.

Split your hen party up into two equal groups.

Every single hen in group one must think up a charade each (an act). Once each hen has decided on their charade they must write it down on two separate pieces of paper.

Put one of the pieces of paper into one pile and then put the other piece in the other pile. Please ensure to keep each pile separate.

Now mix up each of the piles, keeping both piles separate, and then distribute one pile amongst one group of hens and the other pile with the other group of hens so that everyone in each group has a group of paper.

When the bride to be shouts ‘GO’ every single hen in each group must simultaneously act out their charade at the same time.
The main rule is that every hen must remain completely silent when acting out their charade and also silent when watching everyone else act their charade.

The aim of the game is that every hen whilst acting our their charade must watch the other hens in the other group and try to identify who exactly is acting out the same charade.

Once you have spotted the hen in the other group doing the same charade as you , you must make a silent gesture and then sit down as a pair at once.

The last pair to sit down are then out of the hen party game.

With all pairs sitting down they must then share their charades which are written on their piece of paper. Any pair that are incorrect are out of the game.

The remaining pairs of hens then split into two new teams to start a new round, this time with different charades than before.

The last pair of hens remaining in the final round will then be crowned the winning hens of ‘Spot Your Charade’!


Banned words game

This hen party game is one of the easiest hen night games around and offers a great chance for the hen party to try and catch each other out! The famous saying “think before you speak” really is the best way to win your way through this hen party game.

The hen party game “Banned Words” like the name suggests is all about banning words! Simply pick a selection of words that no one in the hen do group is allowed to say throughout either the hen night or even the entire hen weekend. Any girl that utters any of the banned words is fined on the spot with either an exciting hen party dare or a nasty penalty shot!

Commonly used words are always a winner as girls across the hen night are guaranteed to get caught out. Those hen parties that have devilment in them will off course be doing their very best to try and get their fellow ladies caught-out by trying to get them to mistakenly say one of the words.

Banned Words is the perfect hen party game to entertain your ladies – what are you waiting for?


Confetti-neon-tassel-garlandHey Hen! Planning a Hen Party for your sister or friend but don’t know where to start? Follow our Guide to Planning the Perfect Party!
Unless you’re Jane from 27 Dresses, most of us haven’t had the responsibility to plan a bride’s party before and need a little help to make sure things run smoothly. There are always the issues of staying far apart from the bride-to-be and/or her other friends, blending a mix of friends along with Mammas, Aunties and 3rd cousins, all while keeping the bride happy and making sure everyone is having the best time ever. But while it can seem like a humongous task, following our simple rules is guaranteed to have you dancing along with your bestie (bubbles in hand) in no time…
Planning is key to a stress-free hen party. So grab yourself a notebook (a pretty one)…
Getting Started….

1. When, oh, when?

First things first, decide on a date with the bride. 1-4 weeks in advance of the big day is ideal, it gives the guests time in-between to be comfortable in the money department to cover both events. Also of course, the bride needs time to recover before the big day! If it is meant to be a surprise to the bride, decide on a date with her other friends while ensuring she is going to be free on the chosen date.

2. Give Plenty of Notice

Once a guest list has been confirmed by the bride (and she has supplied you with emails and mobile numbers), send out a ‘Save the Date’ so that the guests can book time off work etc. Do this as early as possible, to avoid diary conflicts.

3. Bride Knows Best

Find out if your bride wants to be involved in the Hen Party preparations; many like to be involved to some extent, but in my experience this is a time for the bride to let go a little and leave the planning to their best friend(s). She chose you after all, so she has to trust you to plan the right kind of party. So ask her what she loved and hated about other hen parties – best to know what kind of thing she’d enjoy. You don’t want a bitter bride on the day.

4. Know Your Audience

When planning a Hen Party remember that you are catering for all age groups, and possibly/probably a diverse group from different parts of the bride’s life. Don’t plan something that will isolate the older generations or any of the guests. Plan an activity that will suit the entire group.

5. Keep an Eye on Costs

Whether you decide to stay local and head for a day of activities, dinner and drinks, or go all out and plan a weekend getaway, keep costs in mind.  Not everyone has lots of money to spend these days, going to a wedding costs a bomb and those with about 7 weddings per year are facing bridal bankruptcy so watch the budget. Ensure that you consider everyone before coming up with costs.

6. Offer Flexibility

Most hen parties include a variety of ladies of differing circumstances – not everyone is young, free, single and loaded! – you’ll have pregnant friends, young mums, ladies with less to spend, so it’s nice to offer a couple of options outside of the main plan e.g. if you’re planning a two night away with dinner, then offer the option of just one night, or if you’re planning an afternoon activity, drinks, dinner and dancing then offer dinner only option.

7. Sort the means of transportation

If you’re heading away, make sure to organize transport – taxis or minibuses – to take people from locations, and include this in the budget so that it is paid for in advance (people love that! there’s nothing worse than being hit up for “extras”). It will be easier to keep the whole group together and reduces the risk of losing any guests, it happens, trust me!

8. Build in some Contingency

Allow for a small cushion (money-wise) by adding say one or two thousand naira extra to everyone’s costs (make sure to tell them you’re adding it in for unexpected extras). If it’s not needed on the night, you can use it to buy a round of drinks!

9. Be Transparent

When you do decide on the plan, email the guest list with a break down of activities and costs. You can still keep some surprises, but if people are handing over money they will want to know what it’s being spent on!

10. Build Email Excitement but Don't Overdo it!

It’s important to keep the email communication lines open and clear, and the guests will love to be informed of the goings on. Make the most of your emails and limit the amount you send, you don’t want the guests to dread checking their inbox for fear of finding thousands of hen-party related correspondence. You may also consider BBM or Whatsapp group chats.
Beware of ghost group members though! These are those who remain silent throughout the entire planning process; there are always such people. Do try to make the conversations as engaging as possible and clearly state the needs and considerations of the silent ones as well.

11. A Bit of Bridal Bonding

Ask the group to send you on a photograph of themselves and the bride-to-be, for use in a memory book; many friends of the bride might only be meeting others for the first time at the party. This will help explain to everyone the story of their friendship, and it’s often the real tear-jerker that bonds the group together.
Ensure you incorporate as many games as possible into the activities of the party.

12. Follow a theme

This will make a major difference between your party and an ordinary one. Basing your party on a theme often ensures an exciting and colorful event. The choice of theme can be from the bride’s favorite book, movie or hobby. It may also be from the grooms profession, or one of the latest trends suitable enough.

Culled from HenorStag.com