We have tried to answer most of the common questions you might have.

For futher enquiries do not hesitate to contact us

How long is the hire for?

The hire typically lasts for three nights, for instance from a friday to monday. However, if you need the costume for a longer period, this can be arranged. You are welcome to place a call to us and we will offer you our flexible arrangements and terms.

Do I have to hire the entire costume or can I just take the parts I need?

You do not have to hire anything you do not need. In most cases, you can hire accessories or partial costumes as suitable. Pricing will depend on the individual items.

Are your costumes washed?

Of course they are! We engage the services of a Laundry to ensure that all costumes are cleaned and disinfected after each hire. We ask that customers do not wash the costumes as many of them are delicate and require special treatment.

How do I receive my order?

We provide delivery and pickup services for extra charges of ₦1000 each.

When do you deliver?

We do our best to deliver orders between 5-10 working days. This is subject to location and usually takes fewer days to deliver especially for Abuja residents.

Do you deliver outside of Abuja?

No we do not presently deliver outside Abuja

Do you require a bond?

Yes we do. The bond is typically 25% of your entire hire cost. This means that if for example, you are hiring costumes worth ₦20,000, you would need to pay an extra ₦5,000 as bond. Please note that as long as the costumes are returned on time and in good condition, this charge will be returned to you in full.

What happens if I spoil or destroy a hired costume?

Depending on the level of wear, you will be charged for repairs or replacement.

Do you have plus size costumes?

We have a wide range of sizes to choose from and we are always adding to our collection. If you can not find what you are looking for, please call us and let us know your requirements.